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Enhancing WinHelp
with Multimedia and DLLs

by John S. Daigle

Editor's Note: You arrived here after choosing one of several links from the HyperTexas HTML Help page.
No matter which TOC you choose to appear in the left frame, the HTML pages shown in the righthand frame are exactly the same.

This original tutorial was created two years ago! I realize it needs updating. It's strictly a demo of different TOC schemes when using HTML-based help. Notice the TOC Frame at left to see what I mean. As examples of the variety of TOC approaches available, we used the HTML Help Control as well as the AusComp Java Navigator and HyperAct's Javascript approach called Sitextras and Blue-Sky's RoboHTML Java Applet to display the topics as well. Due to requests I've had to expand this demo area, I will be adding more TOC approaches during the week of May 24, 1999 Enjoy.

This online demo is geared to the WinHelp author who is not a programmer.

This survey of .DLLs is designed to take some of the mystery out of using Dynamic Link Libraries.

New functionality was added to WinHelp 4.0, from pushable buttons to showing 256 color graphics. These are things where old Win 3.1 WinHelp "hit the wall". Many of us still develop in Win 3.1 WinHelp and would like to beef up its abilities. The good news can! This workshop will show you how DLLs can add power to BOTH WinHelp 3.1 and 4.0.






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