Uncle John's Family Web
John S. Daigle, P. 0. Box 2668, Evergreen, Colorado 80437

"Welcome to the ever-changing,
sometimes glad,
sometimes sad,
always real world
of my family." 
- John Daigle

Over the past couple of years I've added various photos and stories about my family to my website without much coordination. I'm trying to get my act together and connect some of the pieces. This page is an attempt to list the various parts that are in progress.  Many of the pictures don't have captions. I'll just keep plugging away and improving this little website as I can get to it. If anybody would like to contribute to the pictures, stories or whatever...let me know. It's free. Just email at daigle@hypertexas.com .

John visits Tiffany during Seattle Trip

New stuff from Tiffany on the Vetrano Family Web

Steve and Patti celebrate their marriage!

My latest SCUBA trip to Cozumel, Mexico

My place in Evergreen, Colorado
(Includes pix of Dianne at my Wishing Well)

In memory of my mom, Elizabeth and dad, Sterling.
(Includes pix of many of the children and cousins)

In memory of my daughter, Michelle
(The saddest site. My beautiful belle of the Bluebonnet country.)

In celebration of my niece, Amy Crawford's daughter, Taylor Elizabeth
(What a joy little Taylor Elizabeth is! Hear her "talk" on this web site.
Includes pix of grandparents and extended family.)

In celebration of The Vetranos and Tiffany's graduation
(Also includes pix of Buck and Casey, Margarite(sp?) and Mark, Steve, Adam and Travis.)

A family reunion on the "Daigle" side of the family back in April of 2000.
(Includes the notorious Uncle Ted Nabors "Cowboy Movie" that cousin Paul, Dianne and I did.)

Valastro Visit to Colorado

The website that I do for an Island Resort in Belize

The Underwater World of Jacques Sterling Daigle Underwater Photography.
(I'm heading to Cozumel August 19,2001, so getting ready for lots more .)

Zella Knight's visit to Colorado
(My former mother-in-law and a real sweet lady)

My wedding to Marty Knight, before we divorced (I know it's weird, but it happened and Marty and I remain good friends.)