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Here's the beginning of our Belize Photo Album
In the coming days, I'll be posting many more pix.
So come back often!

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Serenade Guest House!

The file sizes of the pictures are large and the download time may be slow. Be patient!  This is macro (extreme closeup) photography. Images are three inches across in actual size.  Taken with Nikonos III underwater camera with macro extension tube using Kodak Elite Chrome 100 ASA.  These slides were "scanned" using an inexpensive scanner and do not reflect the originals.  The actual slides are at least 5 times better in sharpness and color saturation. 

All shots were taken at approximately 30 feet off Abagail Caye, 20 miles Southwest of Placencia peninsula in Southern Belize.

Yellow Brittle Star on Star Coral

Purple Tube Sponge

The "feathered" head of a Christmas Tree Worm is actually a breathing and food filtering organ.

Sea Urchins

Mushroom Coral

Orange Tube Sponge

Purple Tube Sponge


Yellow and Red Sponge with Green Algae

Yellow Brittle Star on Brown and Orange Sponge

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