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John's MayaGlypher Blog

I’ll be speaking at two sessions at The WritersUA "On the Road" Conferences for Software User Assistance . The first of several regional conferences starts in Charleston, South Carolina, October 28-29.

I'll be posting information about my two sessions, soon. They will cover the best practices for using Responsive HTML5 output for both Adobe Captivate 8 as well as Adobe RoboHelp 11.

Joe Welinske has put together a great mix of topics and speakers for an affordable regional conference. I’ll be speaking at two sessions, two workshops and a panel discussion at The WritersUA "On the Road" Conferences for Software User Assistance . The first of several regional conferences starts in Charleston, South Carolina, October 28-29.

Session 1: Please, don’t squeeze the layout! Let it Respond (Responsive HTML5 layouts)
Tuesday, October 28: 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Responsive HTML5 Layouts provided by RoboHelp 11 not only adjust to many screen sizes and devices. They also move navigational elements depending on orientation and what makes sense for the user. The first generation of HTML5 layouts were “adaptive”. These certainly work, but they require generating for multiple devices using Media Queries. By providing the choice of Responsive Layouts, the author can now deliver “device-independent” content for more flexibility. We will also look at ways to test and preview on actual devices instead of relying on imperfect previewers and simulators. The presentation will be presented with live video on various devices. This way, the audience can see the effect of touch, swipe and other gestures in real time.

Session 2: Integrating Adobe Captivate HTML5 Tutorials within RoboHelp Projects
Tuesday, October 28: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Enhancing text-based documentation with animated tutorials is commonplace now. Adobe RoboHelp 10 is “mobile-ready” for everything from iPads and iPhones to Galaxy Android, Kindle Fire and whatever the next big thing is. This versatility is possible by using the new Multiscreen HTML5 Single Source Layouts for output. At the same time, Adobe Captivate 6 allows publishing to HTML5 as well. I'll be showing you how to:

  • Publish your Captivate eLearning animated tutorials as HTML5 output and import them into your RoboHelp project.
  • Create Screen Profiles in RoboHelp to optimize the multimedia content for various devices.
  • Manage CSS and Media Queries for compatibility with mobile device targets.
  • Create a customized or branded “look and feel” for your Screen Layouts to show off your content consistently.
  • Create Single Source Layouts and manage the content by using different ”sets” of User Defined Variables, Conditional Build Tags and Screen Profiles for various devices.

I will also be on the workshops and panel discussions sessions, so check out the Agenda.

New Adobe Captivate 8 Launches


Take a video tour of the clean and bright new User Interface















New Adobe RoboHelp 11 Launches



My WritersUA Presentations now available as Streaming Video

In a major "first", Joe Welinske has just announced the 21st running of the WritersUA events are available for video streaming in a series of fast-paced, 30-minute sessions designed to provide you with a large amount of information in a short amount of time. Those sessions are now available as a package or individually.

These include two of my presentations:

  • Using- RoboHelp to Manage Reusable Content in a Multi-Author Environment
  • Integrating Captivate HTML5 Tutorials in RoboHelp 10 HTML5 Output

Just $5 per session or $100 for the whole set on TechTalks.tv.

Register for the Virtual Conference on TechTalks

New Adobe RoboHelp Product Manager, Vikram Verma

Vikram Verma is the new Adobe RoboHelp, RoboHelp Server and Adobe Technical Communication Suite product manager. Vikram takes over the product management responsibilities from Ankur Jain, who has moved on to another role within Adobe. I look forward to working with Vikram as he leads my favorite authoring tools through future development.

It was a pleasure to meet Vikram in person at this year's WritersUA conference. It was also good to meet Kapil Verma, Product Manager for Adobe FrameMaker and Parth Mukherjee, Product Marketing Manager for the Adobe Technical Communications Suite and Max Hoffman, Adobe Product Evangelist as well! Also joining the fray were my RoboHelp BFFs, Peter Grainge from London and Rick Stone from Kansas City.

Meanwhile, Vikram has a new blog post worth checking out regarding the HTML5 output of Adobe RoboHelp.

Tons of Multiscreen HTML5 support for mobile devices and tablets.


Adobe® RoboHelp® 11 software is an easy-to-use authoring and multichannel, multiscreen HTML5 publishing solution. Deliver content to iPad# and other tablets, smartphones, and desktops using output formats such as multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, CHM, Adobe® AIR® Help, PDF, eBook, and native mobile apps. Work in multi-author environments using next-generation collaboration and review features. Personalize and optimize content for relevance and search. Easily develop context-sensitive help with usability enhancements.

#Subject to Apple's current requirements and approval.

Publish to multiple channels, formats, and screens using multiscreen HTML5

Publish contemporary help content to virtually any device with multiscreen HTML5 and other popular formats. Make your publishing workflow highly extensible by simply specifying the screen size and layout. Optimize content display for a better reading experience, and preview it while authoring.

Easily author

Easily create and aggregate help content, ensure a consistent look-and-feel, and enjoy comprehensive support for popular industry standards. Reuse content, and benefit from authoring enhancements such as Search and Replace, multiscreen content previews, and User Defined Variables.

Read much more here:



I am "archiving" the HyperTexas website and asking my loyal visitors to go to my new sites:

I will be updating more frequently. Since 1993, I'm proud to have participated in the growth of the WWW and will devote more time to creating fresh and relevant content for both Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate at the new site. I wanted to keep this site up for archival purposes, so it will remain indefinitely.

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John Daigle offers onsite and "virtual" instructor-led classes in Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate

Students rave about our training classes! 
Here are verbatim comments from recent classes

Adobe Certified Training in:

  • Adobe RoboHelp 
  • Adobe Captivate 
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional

For technical writers and instructional designers email John Daigle for special training class dates or arrange for your own onsite custom training.

Using Adobe RoboHelp Server 9 Analytics for Improving Content
Read about major improvements in latest release of Adobe RoboHelp Server 9 Reviewer's Guide.

Help Authors have long wanted to know: "Am I being helpful?" Adobe RoboHelp Server 9 helps answer that question.

Adobe RoboHelp Server is a powerful option used with the RoboHelp authoring tool. Join Adobe Partners and Experts for this interactive eSeminar to receive practical tips on how to configure and publish RoboHelp projects to the RoboHelp Server and to generate user feedback reports.

For more information contact John Daigle for an eSeminar. John is an Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate instructor (Adobe Community Professional) and has consulted on Adobe RoboHelp Server since its inception.

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Adobe RoboHelp News
With thousands of authors around the world using RoboHelp in different environments, Adobe constantly gathers feedback in order to improve the way it works. Here are some items that will help you make sure your version of RoboHelp is working smoothly with the latest improvements.

RoboHelp tips and techniques are often contributed by my instructor/author colleagues. Here is a list of those resources:

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Featuring Adobe RoboHelp Sample Project

Clownfish School is a sample project that ships with Adobe RoboHelp 7. It is a demonstration of how RoboHelp can be used as an eLearning platform. Click here to view Clownfish School.

Check Rick Stone's new Goober Guides. Excellent Adobe RoboHelp tutorials.

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Announcing a  free Flare to RoboHelp converter

A migration path for Flare authors who want to return to RoboHelp
Last year at WritersUA and STC in Minneapolis, several folks asked me if there is such a thing as a converter for taking a MadCap Flare™ project and converting it to an Adobe® RoboHelp®  project. Now there is a Flare replacement for those who want to return their familiar favorite, RoboHelp.  Read more and download the Flare to RoboHelp Converter for free

"With a tight deadline looming, and with other people on the doc team using RoboHelp, I was faced with having to convert my Flare project to RoboHelp as quickly as possible. John Daigle's "Flare to RoboHelp Converter" was a blessing in disguise. I was able to convert the HTML files, TOC, and Index entries into RoboHelp in a matter of minutes. Even the conditional build tags converted (although I did have to apply them to a very complex TOC afterward). John's excellent customer service also made the conversion a pleasure! Highly recommended on all counts."

Denise Tyler
Author and Technical Writer for these publications:
Macmillan Publishing, Pearson Education, Sybex, 
Charles River Media, Thomson Learning, eFrontier, 
DAZ Productions 


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About HyperTexas | RoboHelp Resources
www.showmethedemo.com | Society for Technical Communication
About HyperTexas | RoboHelp Training Resources  
www.showmethedemo.com | Society for Technical Communication 
John's MayaGlypher Blog